How do I Change the Date on a Posted Check?

I paid a voucher and sent out the check and realized the date was wrong, how can I change that?
You will need to void the check and reprint it. This is just for documentation in FIMS - you won't actually need to print another physical check since it already was sent out, you will only be "printing" in FIMS:

1. Go to the Payments tab in AP and find the check.
2. Click on the Void Payment box in the lower right corner.
3. Enter in the 'wrong' date you initially used when you entered it into FIMS and DO NOT check the box to create debit memo.
4. Click OK. Run Report and post.
5. Now the item is back in Open Items. Click on it and click on the Print Check box at the bottom.
6. Enter the correct date and the same check number.
7. Click OK and post.

For additional information, see the following article on how to void a check:




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