BBIS Child Sponsorship part has invalid reference to old jquery version - When viewing a Child sponsorship page on SP13

In Service Pack 13 older versionf of jQuery were removed from the application. However, the JSTree plugin, which is build into the product and used by child sponsorship contains references to a previous version of jquery. 

This impacts use of the Sponsorship Search - Location field. 

This issue will be addressed in a future version that updates JQuery for the Sponsorship part set.  

If you experience this issue, download the textfile attached to this solution and copy/paste the code into an Unformatted Text and Images part placed on the page with your Sponsorship part.  


Steps to Duplicate

1) Using Google Chrome and without being logged in to BBIS, go to a Child sponsorship page
2) Open developer tools in the internet browser
3) Open the console section and go the error referencing the tree_compontent.
4) At the the very bottom of Sources, notice there is an invalid reference of })(BLACKBAUD.netcommunity.jQuery.v1_3_2);


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