The tax updates are contained in an XML file which will need to be copied into the Financial Edge directory on the server and any client workstations running Payroll.
  1. Download the ConfigTaxSettings_2018.xml file.
    1. The XML file will open in your browser.
    2. Right-click, select Save As.
    3. Browse to the appropriate location.
    4. Click Save.
  2. On the server and client workstation open the folder %DRIVE%:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge\SysDB where %DRIVE% is the drive letter (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge\SysDB)
  3. Copy and Paste the ConfigTaxSettings_2018.xml file into the folder %DRIVE%:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge\SysDB
  4. If prompted, choose to Copy and Replace the existing ConfigTaxSetting_2018.xml file
  5. Log into Financial Edge and proceed with creating your 2018 Federal tax table using an effective date of January 1st, 2018.