What can parents do and see on the parent website?

I would like to know what information is available on the parent website. What changes can they make to their account?
Families have access to their account information online at: https://parent.smarttuition.com. They have complete access to view their billing summary and billing details. Their view is the same as the school administrators on https://school.smarttuition.com.

Here is a list of things families can do on the website:
  • View and change their address, phone number and email address. Changes to the Primary or Secondary contact information must be performed by the school administrator
  • Switch payment method from invoice to automatic debit. Switching from automatic debit to invoice must be performed by the school administrator
  • Change bank account information
  • Switch to Green Invoicing or to Paper Invoices
  • View and print invoices
  • View Billing Information for specific months
  • View Billing Summary and Billing Details
  • Make payments
  • Download Year End Statements
  • Download Family Tuition Statements
  • Toggle to previous school years
  • Update password
  • Purchase Shopping Cart items, if applicable
  • View the FAQ for families (see attached)
  • Chat with a call center agent
  School_Parent_FAQ_17_18_v3 (1).pdf

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