Communication Preferences form requires login to opt-out of emails

When working with a Communication Preferences form in BBIS, one may notice it appears the form requires users to be registered with the Community before they can opt-out of emails despite users not being required to be registered users when opting-in. The BBIS Forms Guide also seems to support this (, p. 17):

Note: Use the Communications Preferences form so registered website users can select the types of mail and email communications they want to receive. You also use this form to provide a way for these users to opt out of communication from your organization.
On the contrary, users do NOT have to be registered with the Community to opt-out of emails using the Communication Preferences form as long as they are navigating to the form from an opt-out link with an email. This information can be found in the BBIS Parts Guide (, p. 242):

The User Email Preferences Form appears when users access it from links in email, regardless of whether they are logged in. However, if users access the form through the website, it only appears when they are logged in.

This KB serves to bridge this gap in information between the two guides.


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