Is There a Way to Add the Gift Language from the Fund 2 tab of the Fund to a Gift Acknowledgement?

We have special gift acknowledgement language entered in the Fund Module on Fund 2 tab and that language is not pulling when we select the acknowledgement code. How can we add that to the gift acknowledgement process?

Because the field is part of the Fund record and is not included as a field on the Gift acknowledgement export it cannot be inserted as a merge field. However, it could be included on a spreadsheet exported from a data grid including the Fund ID and the Gift Language. The spreadsheet can then be used for an insert database to add that field to a letter.

Here are the steps to do that: 

1. Create a data grid in the funds module that includes just the Fund ID and the Gift Language. You can do this using only the fund table.

2. Export that data grid to excel.

3. Use insert database to add the gift language based on fund ID to your gift acknowledgment letters using the spreadsheet you created from the data grid as the database to insert.

There is an IdeaPortal suggestion that you can vote for this feature:




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