Why are previous term single-term courses listed as Courses in Progress on transcripts

We have students that have completed a first term course, but now in term 2, it's still showing on Courses in Progress on the Transcript.
This happens when the Transcript Builder is set to pull Courses for the Year, rather than by Term.

To set  your Transcript to pull Courses in Progress by Term:
  1. Navigate to onRecord.
  2. Select Performance > Grading.
  3. Transcript Builder.
  4. Click Edit to the right of your Transcript. 
  5. Scroll down to Courses in Progress.
  6. Set the drop down to "Term."
  7. Save.

Steps to Duplicate

If you go to onRecord > Performance > Grading > Transcript Builder, and edit your HS Official, you can scroll down to Courses in Progress, and you have this set to "Year" - which will show all courses until the end of the year. If you set this to Term, this would remove the course at the end of the term instead!

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