You will need your Blackbaud Payment Services (also known as BBPS) credentials (username and password) to connect your Blackbaud Merchant Services account to Altru. 

Please refer to this article if you need to reset your BBPS credentials.

  1. Navigate to Revenue > Blackbaud Payment Service merchant accounts
  2. At top left within Tasks, click Edit Blackbaud Payment Service login
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  3. Enter your Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) username and password, and click on Test Connection.
  4. Once Connection shows as successful, click Save 
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  5. Your Blackbaud Merchant Services account will automatically display in the Merchant Accounts listing. Click the drop down next to the account and select Default.
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  6.  Set this merchant account as default for both of the Default authorization and Default card present account settings.
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  7. After you have set this account as a default, your display should resemble:
    User-added image
  8. Click on the expand icon and this time click on "Edit" to review your settings.
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  9. Confirm the following settings for your merchant account, then Save:
Process Mode: Live
Currency: US Dollar
AVS Level: None, Light, Medium, or Full
CSC Level: None, Light, or Full
Seconds to process record: 0
Number of transactions per thread: 0
  • Note: Please leave the following fields as-is. There is no need to change them:​
  • Gateway ID
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

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Important: Please also follow these instructions to make sure that your merchant account is also assigned to your Altru Web  forms.