How can I extract a list of 'User Photo' URLs (contact card photo)? Can I use these to make a photo directory?

We would like a list of User Names, and the URLs where their user photos are stored. It'd be great if these could be made into a photo directory.

Step 1:
Create a list that will output the Username and their User photo's filename:
  1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists.
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions.
  3. Click on the List Templates tab.
  4. In the Template Category drop down, select Constituent Information.
  5. Click to Page 2.
  6. Click View/Copy to the right of "Users with Photos".
  7. If this list should only include certain roles: in the 'Filters' tab, change the Global Filter: User Role.Role condition to the appropriate role(s) (Parent, Student, Teacher, etc)
  8. To exclude results that do not have a photo: In the 'Filters' tab, add a Global Filter for: User Photo.Large Filename with a condition of 'is not null'.
  9. Under the 'Display Fields' tab, click the 'x' to the left of User Role.Role, as this does not need to be displayed
  10. Give your list a Name (required).
  11. Give your list a category (optional but recommended).
  12. Click Save.
  13. Click Preview to view your list's results.
  14. Click Export to save your list as a .CSV (Excel) file
  15. Save & Exit
To obtain the 'File Path Prefix' to pair with the filenames from the advanced list:
  1. Navigate to Core > People Finder, and select any user with a photo
  2. Right-click on their photo and select 'Open image in new tab'
  3. The URL in your browser will appear similar to:,200
  4. Copy the portion that comes before the filename, such as:
  5. This field can be pasted into the Excel file (Sample Photo Directory) attached to this article, as the 'File Path Prefix'. This value (column H) will be the same for all rows
To prepare the output for HTML:
  1. Download and open the attached excel file
  2. Add the output from your advanced list to columns A through E
  3. Paste your File Path Prefix from Step 5 of the prior instructions into cell H2, then click and drag as shown to populate all rows in Column H with this same value
  4. The pre-existing formulas in columns F, G, and I will populate automatically. These can be extended downward in the same fashion as step 3 to cover more rows of data
To finalize this information into a simple webpage appearance:
  1. Select all information in column I and copy
  2. Open a text editor, such as Notepad
  3. Paste all information
  4. 'Save As' any filename, with '.html' as the extension
  5. Open the file in your web browser. Results will appear as here:
    HTML Output example
These images are pulled from the site, and as such, will only populate your HTML output file while signed in as a user with access to view the photos.
Sample Photo Directory.xlsx

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