User cannot see Volunteer Information in RENXT (web view)

I have a user who belongs to a specific security group in the database view.  That group has permission to see everything on the constituents except time sheets.  Users in that group are not able to see Volunteer information on constituents in RENXT (web view).  If that same user were to log into the database view and open that same constituent, the Volunteer tab would have information showing there.  
User groups must have rights to Volunteer Time Sheets to be able to see Volunteer Information in the web view (RENXT).  

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into RENXT (web view)
  2. Click on a recently accessed record (or the magnifying glass to open a constituent that has volunteer information)
  3. Note that at the top we can see Volunteer information, but there is no section below showing for Volunteer information

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