Unable to delete single column in Design Statements

"You are about to remove the ENTIRE Column Format! Are you sure you want to continue? 
If you want to remove a single line from the Column Format, Click No, and then click the Delete button on the toolbar. Click Yest to remove the entire Column Format."

When in Design Statements, client receives a warning when attempting to delete a single column. 
This is a known error and we are currently evaluating this issue. 

Alternate way to delete the column, if needed: 

Go to GL > Design Statements supertab > Statement tab
Choose column format different from the one that has been deleted
Click save button
Move to Column Format tab
Click Create/Copy Format and create a new column format. 

Steps to Duplicate

To duplicate: 
Go to GL > Design Statements > Column Format
Select column
Click Delete (x button) from tool bar
Receive prompt "Are you sure you want to delete the current column record?"
Click Yes.
Receive Column Format deletion message. "You are about to remove the ENTIRE column format..." as if the Remove Format button was pressed. 

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