Communication Preferences date shows as the day before when manually entered in NXT Web View

When manually entering start or end dates for a Communication Preferences in The Raiser's Edge NXT Web View, the date saves as one day before. 

For example, if the date is entered as 4/10/2018, then the date will save as 4/09/2018. This only occurs when the date is manually typed in and does not affect dates selected from the field's calendar.  
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article with any updates. 

If this is observed in the NXT Web View, manually enter the date as the next day so it will save as the desired date.


Select the desired date from the calendar option. 

Steps to Duplicate

In The Raiser's Edge NXT Web View for a constituent record:
  1. Open a constituent record
  2. Under Communication Preferences click Edit to add a new preference
  3. Select a preference and manually type a Start Date
  4. Click Save
The new preference will save, but the date will appear as yesterday's date. Note that this does not happen when selecting a date from the field's calendar. 


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