Page Cannot be Displayed when Attempting to Open OpenEdge Explorer on the FIMS Server

When attempting to open OpenEdge Explorer, the error "Page Cannot be Displayed" occurs.

To resolve do the following steps:

1. Open the Proenv window located in All Programs\Open Edge
2. Run the following commands to start the fathom web server (fathom is the web service that runs the OpenEdge Explorer page):
    fathom -query, this will show the status of the web service
    fathom -start, this will start the web service if it is not running

    If you receive the following error for either command, then you will need to un-install and re-install the Fathom web service:
    'fathom plug in not found"


To un-stall the Fathom web service, run the following command in Proenv;

To re-install the Fathom web service run the following command:

If the above steps do not work, contact FIMS support.





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