Mandate date not automatically populated on SEPA pledges and recurring gifts (Europe Only)

The SEPA Mandate ID is automatically populated when adding a direct debit Pledge or Recurring Gift, but the mandate date remains blank when record is saved
The Mandate Date is the date of the signature on the Direct Debit and not the Gift Date.
Therefore when adding a direct debit Pledge or Recurring Gift, the Mandate Date should be manually populated during data entry.

See How to process SEPA Direct Debits for more information.
Alternatively, see How to populate Mandate ID or Mandate Date for information on these fields if importing direct debit Pledges or Recurring Gifts

Steps to Duplicate

With SEPA enabled -
  1. Add a new gift with gift type Pledge or Recurring Gift and pay method Direct Debit.
  2. When gift information complete, save and close the gift and the Mandate ID field, if not manually entered, is automatically generated by Raiser's Edge.
  3. The Mandate Date was automatically populated with the Gift Date in earlier versions of Raiser's Edge.  For version 7.96 and later, it remains blank.


 Raiser's Edge

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