Formatting remains in Online Express email after formatted text is deleted

When using Online Express to create emails, text formatting such as hyperlinks, bold/italicised text etc. appears to remain after the formatted text is deleted and new text is entered.  This occurs both when manually typing the data or when copy/pasting from an external source that has no formatting.  The preview window in Online Express does not show the text formatting.
Text formatting on a new paragraph is retained in the background of the application and is only fully removed when the user presses Backspace at the beginning of the text line to delete the new paragraph.  The user can then press Return to start a new paragraph without any existing formatting.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Online Express -> Email Marketing.
2. Click on 'Create new email'.
3. In the 'Design email' section, add a line of text and then format this with a hyperlink to a website.
4. Click on 'Get ready to send' and send a test email to yourself to confirm the link works correctly.
5. Go back to 'Design email' and delete the linked text.  Re-type or copy/paste new text to replace the deleted text.
6. Click on 'Get ready to send' and send a new test email to yourself.
7. Note that the text still shows with a hyperlink.


 Blackbaud Online Express

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