Note: You can only remove a student/students from a family's account when there are no billing charges being applied to the student/students
To start the student removal process:
  1. Select the school year in which the student is being removed from
  2. On the school's main account page, Hover on the Families tab
  3. Click View All Families
  4. Locate the family account of the student that is being removed
  5. Select that family
Note: Before you remove the student's account, you must check to see if any payments have been posted to the account and if so how were they allocated. For guidance on how to view payment allocation: How do I view the payment allocation?

Note: If a payment has been allocated and the student being removed is in that allocation, you must un-allocate the payment(s). For guidance on un-allocating payments: How do I unallocate a payment?
Once you have confirmed if there have or have not been any allocated payments,
  1. Return to the family's Main family Page
  2. Hover on the Side Blue Arrow
  3. Click Edit Billing Details
  4. Zero Out the Billing Details associated with the intended student
  5. Hover on Side Blue Arrow
  6. Click More Options
  7. Click Update Parent & Student Info
  8. Locate the student you intend to remove
  9. Click Remove
  10. Provide Reason for removal
  11. Click Proceed With Remove
Note: If a payment was un-allocated and the student has a new account, you can transfer that payment. For guidance on how to transfer payments between account: How do I transfer a payment from one school year to another or from one account to another?