Table Cleanup can't be used in Consent Source table

When using the Table Cleanup facility to edit/replace table entries in the Consent Source table, users note a successful completion message but this does not make any changes to the database; no table entries are removed from the table and no Consent records holding the value to be replaced are updated.
It should not be possible to globally edit/replace values in existing Consent records due to the potential risk of changing or losing data that is protected under GDPR legislation.  Despite the successful completion message, this function should not be available for Consent related tables.

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1.  Go to Config -> Tables, select the Consent Source table and add two new table entries; Old Source and New Source.
  2.  Go to Records, open a constituent and add a Consent record with the Source as Old Source.
  3.  Return to Config -> Tables, select the Consent Source table then select Table Cleanup.
  4.  Under 'Consent Source table entries to be replaced' select the entry for Old Source.
  5.  In the 'Replace with' field select the entry for New Source.
  6.  Tick the box to 'Delete table entries that are being replaced'.
  7.  Click on Replace Now; a message "Table cleanup complete." displays.
  8.  Note in the background the Old Source table entry remains.
  9.  Navigate to the record from step 2 and check the Consent area; note this still shows as Old Source.


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