Fundraiser request is not populating Primary Manger or Secondary Manager within the outline to a funding request

When creating a funding request using a funding request outline that was created, the primary manager and secondary manager do not automatically populate after importing steps from an outline. 
Save the Funding request prior to adding the steps from the outline that was created.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Foundations tab
2. Click Funding request outlines
3. Add a new Funding Request Outlines
4. Have at least 3 steps that include the 3 different Fundraiser roles, Primary Manager, Secondary Manager, Funding Plan Manger
5. Back to Foundations tab
6. Click Add a funding plan
7. Add a Funding plan manager
8. Go to newly created funding plan
9. Add a Funding request
10. While creating funding request, add a primary manager and secondary manager
11. Click the steps tab within the add funding request
12. Select your Funding Request Outlines
13. See that only the Funding plan manager is correctly populated but not primary manager and secondary manager


 Blackbaud CRM

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