In a Constituent List the Location filter using Radius gives incorrect results

When adding a location filter to a Constituent List based on radius, some records outside of the radius appear in the results.
This is caused by data being entered in the incorrect field. 
If the Country is entered in the City or County field, the mapping service may locate the address incorrectly as a result.
If, for example, India is entered as the City instead of the Country, and the radius is 150 miles around Pittsburgh, the mapping service identifies it as India, Pennsylvania.
In another example, Israel was entered as the City instead of the Country and the radius of 150 around Pittsburgh would map it as Israel, West Virginia, which is within the map radius.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to RE NXT
2. Create a Constituent List
3. Click the Filter button
4. Select Location on the left
5. Select Filter by radius
6. Enter location of city (Pittsburgh) and 150 milesDistance from location
7. Apply filters
8. View the results and see records from India and Israel or other areas outside the radius

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