**Unable to open file: d:\npo\source\fims\formulas\(missing file name).p. Errno=2. (98) -When opening tabs in the Gift Module using the hosted version of FIMS

When clicking on the Gift or Gift History tab in the Hosted version of FIMS one of the following errors occur: 

 **Unable to open file: d:\npo\source\fims\fomulas\giftp10515.p. Errno=2. (98)
 **Unable to open file: d:\npo\source\fims\fomulas\gifthistoryp10547.p. Errno=2. (98)
This has been resolved for the customers that have reported the issue. If you are experiencing this error, please contact customer support.

If you newly reporting this issue, create a formulas folder as a sub-folder of the custom folder and see if that resolves the issue, if it does not contact support.

Steps to Duplicate

For the Gift file error:
  • Sign into FIMS > Open the Gift Module > Click on the Gift tab > receive errors
For the Gift History File error:
  • Sign into FIMS > Open the Gift History Module > Click on the Gift History tab > receive errors



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