error: A constituent with the same solicit code must not have overlapping dates. - after Importing to a Constituent Update batch

User have found that after processing an Import using a "Constituent Update batch" template, if the the "Constituent Updates" import setting is set to require manual review for either name or address, duplicate solicit codes will be created. 
This has been resolved in Service Pack 17 Hot Fix 1720. Please download and install the latest Service Pack or Hot Fix which contains all fixes from previous patches.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a Constituent Update Batch template and navigate to Configure options. 
2. Under the Constituent updates tab, set Name updates to "Require manual review (generate exception). 
3. Save and Close the Batch Template. 
4. From Administrations > Import - Create an Import process and use the batch template from the steps above. 
5. Create a .CSV and only include the Lookup ID, Title, and Name fields. 
6. Input an existing constituent Lookup ID but change the existing name. 
7. Import the file and map the Lookup ID, Title and Name Fields in your Import process.
8. Save and Close 
9. Under Tasks click "Start process". 
10. Note that an exception batch is created. Navigate to that exception batch. 
11. You will receive the message "Data in batch is differnt from data for this constituent. Click here to review". Click the hyperlink. 
12. Click "Update existing" and select Update all name fields. 
13. Save and close 
14. Validate the batch. 
15. Note that you receive the error: A constituent with the same solicit code must not have overlapping dates. 
16. Click the "Solicit codes" button under Constituent. 
17. Note that Duplicate solicit codes were created. 
18. If you navigate to the original consitutnet record you will see that the client does not have duplicate solicit codes on their record. 



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