Occasionally scholarships will qualify applicants based on certain criteria, but have a preference for a specific kind of applicant that meets an additional qualification.
Ex: A scholarship requires applicants to have a 3.0 GPA, and be a Business major, AND the donor will grant preference to those within the qualified applicant pool who have also graduated from Travis High School.

In order to grant preference to those applicants within the qualified applicant pool, Qualification Points and Qualification Groups are used to allow for more complexity in the qualification and matching process.

Keed in mind that applicants earn one Qualification Point per Qualification Group they meet.

In order to use Qualification points to identify those with the preferred qualification, you can build the qualifications in the following way:
  1. Build the qualification group criteria. Using the previous example, add a qualification for GPA and a qualification for Major in one group.
  2. Click Duplicate Group 
  3. The second qualification group will mirror the first with GPA and Major
  4. Add the additional qualification to this second group. This now becomes the "preferred" qualification. 
    Using the previous example, add a qualification for High School.  
  5. Click Save Qualifiers
  • An additional Qualification Point is now available (ie you have two qualification groups instead of one) to any applicant who meets both groups.

This will prevent any "minimally" qualified applicants from being disqualified, AND award an extra qualification point to those applicants that meet the preferred qualification, making them easily identifiable on the applications grid in the Qualification Points column.