At this time, there is not an email receipt functionality for Group Sales as there is for Daily Sales and Advance Sales.

One option is email a PDF copy of the Order Balance report for that reservation. The Order Balance report will list all payments for that reservation.

Another option is to enable the Itemized Sales Receipt and print to a PDF printer and then email the receipt.
  1. Enable the Itemized Sales Receipt for Group Sales
    1. From Tickets, click Sales documents under Printing
    2. Click the blue Itemized Receipt link in the list of documents
    3. Next to Printing rules for group sales, click Enable. Note: If the option next to Printing rules for group sales is Disable, then the itemized receipt is already enabled and no action is needed.
  2. Configure a PDF printer on your computer workstation. There are multiple options available for free download, for example, BullZip PDF printer and CutePDF Writer.
  3. Configure your workstation to allow printing ensuring the following setting are made:
    1. On the Printers tab of the Workstation record, add the PDF printer you've installed in Step 2.
    2. In your Printer Lists, add the PDF printer associated with your workstation to the Receipt Printers printer list.
  4. From a Group Sales reservation, you can print the itemized receipt by clicking Go to Sales documents under Tasks on the left hand toolbar and then clicking Print.

If you need to email a Group Sales contract, this can be done outside of Altru once the contract has been generated into Word. 

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