Server/Runtime error editing user account linked to a record in Education Edge

You are attempting to edit a user account in NetCommunity that is linked to a record in the Education Edge. When you click the pencil icon to edit the account, a generic server error page may display.
This is resolved in Education Edge Patch 25. Please upgrade to the latest version. As an alternative if you are unable to upgrade at this time, the REWS Windows machine user can be added as a user in SQL to resolve the issue. The user can be added by following these steps:
  1. Log into SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Expand the Security tree then expand the Logins tree
  3. Is the REWS machine listed as a user? (Typically this is Domain\MachineName$)
    1. If not, right click and select New login. For Login name provide the REWS machine name following the convention above. Under Server Roles grant public, securityadmin, and sysadmin. Press OK
    2. If so, find the user in the list of users and click on Properties > Server Roles. Grant the same roles as in 3.1
  4. Recycle the REWS app pool.
  5. Verify the issue is resolved.
Note: The Network Service user must also be a user on the SQL server. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Upgrade Education Edge to version 787.164.24.
  2. Log into NetCommunity as a user with full supervisor access.
  3. Select Users & Security > Users.
  4. From the filter options, select Education Edge from the Filter by back office link drop down > Filter.
  5. Click the pencil icon next to a linked user account. 
  6. Note a runtime error displays rather than the user editor. 


 Blackbaud NetCommunity
 Education Edge 787.164.25
 Education Edge 787.164.24

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