This behavior is currently under investigation by our Developers.

Users may work to bypass the error by taking the following steps:

1. Launch and log into your Blackbaud Grantmaking site
2. To the right of the Welcome message (e.g. Welcome, John Smith!), there is a dropdown arrow > Click the dropdown arrow > Click 'Views'
User-added image
3. In the list of Views, click 'Reviews' in the left column
4. To the right are a list of Review Views > Search for the one used by your foundation in the Reviewer Portal [NOTE: A Client Admin should be able to determine this] > Click the pencil icon to make changes
5. Once the View window pops up, click Sorting
6. When the Sorting window pops up, click the top choice in the right column > Click 'Remove' > Repeat this until all options are removed from the right column > Click 'OK'
7. Back on the View window, click Save View
8. Log out of and back into Reviewer Portal