Gui Eadvisor Eadvisor.i was not Found when Compiling

When implementing the solution in article 119388, multiple compile errors occur with all lines referencing 'Gui Eadvisor Eadvisor.i was not Found'
This was caused by the standard program that comes with FIMS in fims\gui\eAdvisor\eAdvisor.i being missing. The standard program has to be in that location and the custom file from article 119388 needs to be in custom\gui\eAdvisor as well so that the compile can take place in order to fix the issue outlined in article 119388.

In order to put the standard eadvisor.I back into fims\gui\eAdvisor, you can get a copy of that from a backup folder if you have a backup of the fims\gui\eAdvisor folder somewhere on your server, if you do not contact support and we can get one.

NOTE: The standard eAdvisor.i file that comes with FIMS located in fims\gui\eAdvisor is not the same file as from article 119388. The eAdvisor.i from article 119388 is a customization that resolves the issue outlined in that article. You need both the standard out of box eAdvisor.i and the custom eAdvisor.i located in their proper folders to be able to compile the database to solve the issue outlined in article 119388.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the following article:
2. Implement the steps exactly as written
3. Do the compile in Step #3
4. See the compile errors occur.



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