1. Please review our documentation for claimed email domains .
  2. Try selecting the "Verify this domain" button again.
  3. Lookup the domain you are claiming in a DNS search tool like MX Toolbox's TXT Lookup to confirm that a TXT record matching the Value provided on the Claim Email Domains step in the SSO configuration has been added to your DNS configuration. If a matching TXT entry has not been added to your DNS configuration, contact your IT person or DNS provider to have the entry added.
Note: Your DNS provider may support '@' as a shortcut to the root domain. Otherwise, enter the root domain, such as your.org or your.edu, leaving the Name/Host field blank in the TXT record.
Tip: To verify the correct DNS configuration is being updated, visit ICANN WHOIS, enter the email domain, and confirm its service provider in the Name Servers field.
If a matching TXT entry has been added to your DNS and the issue persists, please contact support with the following information:
  1. The domain you are attempting to claim
  2. The TXT value you added to your DNS record. (Please include the full text instead of a screenshot to ensure the full value is included.)
  3. A screenshot of your DNS record showing the TXT entry added as described in the Claimed Email Domains documentation.
  4. A screenshot of your Claim email domains form where the domain still shows as Verifying...