To bulk assign Blackbaud ID usernames on a BBID enabled role with a domain specified:
1. Core > Security > Authentication Settings > Blackbaud Authentication
2. Select the ellipses next to the appropriate BBID enabled role
3. Select Assign Usernames
4. Review the Contact emails for the users listed to ensure they are the correct emails to use for SSO authentication
Tip: Tip: If there are corrections to be made, click Cancel and use People Finder or the User List to correct selected users.  Remember you can filter the User List by Authentication Status and Role.
5. Click save

To assign a Blackbaud ID username for an individual user:
1. Ensure the user is in a Blackbaud ID enabled role
2. Core > People Finder > user 
3. On the Access tab, select  Edit Blackbaud ID username
4. Enter the username and save
Tip: If you don't see Edit Blackbaud ID username and the user's status is ON Authenticated, the user may not have a BBID enabled role.