1. Go to Lists Manage Lists
  2. Select Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  3. Select Add> Select Create Advanced List 
  4. On the Select Objects tab, add the following:
    1. Expand School Form from the available fields >Select School Forms 
    2. Expand Constituent Information from the available fields>Select User Base 
    3. Expand Emergency Contact from the available fields > Select Emergency Contact 
    4. Expand Emergency Contact again> Select Emergency Contact Phone 
User-added image 
  1. Select Display Fields >Mark Enable Grouping Options 
  2. Select Select Fields to have the Select Display Fields box appear
    1. Expand User Base > Select First Name, Last Name 
    2. Expand Emergency Contact > Select First Name, Last Name
    3.  Expand Emergency Contact Phone > Select Phone Number  
​​User-added image 
  1. Select the Filters tab >Use the following Global Filters:
    1. In the first Global Filter drop-down, select School Forms.Application Name 
    2. Select Emergency Contacts > Select Select   
User-added image
  1. Select the Phone Number column to sort the spreadsheet so you can review any improper phone formatting 
  2. Select Preview
  3. Select Save