1. Edit Group Page Access

  1. Go to Core
  2. Security  > Select Group Page Access
  3. Select Classes 
  4. Filter on the preferred School Year and School Level
  5. Select Add Access
  6. Select All other Students AND Parents
  7. Select Bulletin Boards for those Access Types
  8. Enter in the preferred Start date
If Schools want parents to be able to see bulletin boards in other schools, the same steps would have to be taken for the preferred school level. For example, if Schools want Parents and Students to see Lower School Bulletin Boards, the steps above would have to also happen within the Lower School's Group Page Access. 
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2. Allow Parents Access to Group Finder 


  1. Go to Core
  2. Content> Select Resource Boards
  3. In View Boards dropdown, select Parent  
  4. Select the pencil icon for the Group Finder Panel 
  5. Select the preferred access Rights based on the  Role -School Level
  6. Select Save
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