CSR is a block of encrypted code you provide to your Certificate Authority when requesting the renewal. Blackbaud requires that we generate a new CSR so that your provider can, in turn, create a new certificate. Refreshing the set of encryption keys in this way is a security best practice, because it limits your organization’s exposure to the risk of having the certificate compromised. 

Your Certificate Authority will email you a renewal notice before the certificate expires. We also recommend putting a reminder on your own calendar. Here are the basic steps to follow to complete your renewal: 
  1. Initiate a Blackbaud Support request to obtain your CSR. 
  2. Provide the CSR code from Blackbaud to your SSL provider so they can renew the certificate. 
  3. After the SSL certificate authority completes the renewal, they’ll give you a file containing your certificate code. 
  4. Attach this file to the Blackbaud Support ticket and request the renewal be completed.
You should begin this process at minimum 10 business days before your current certificate expires to ensure that your secure pages do not have an interruption of service.

Note: If you obtained your Luminate SSL certificate after May 1, 2018 and you authorized Blackbaud to purchase the SSL certificate on your behalf, you will not need a CSR. Blackbaud will complete the renewal.

Blackbaud will only support the implementation of the following SSL providers:
  • GeoTrust
  • Symantec
  • DigiCert
  • Thawte