Donation web form is not live on website after clicking approve for website button

I'm trying to make a new donation web form go live on our website but after I click the "Approve for website" button, the green check mark does not appear. The web form shows that it's approved for the website now but it is not live on the website.
This may happen if the designation is marked as inactive.
  1. On the Manage Donation Forms, click on the hyperlink for the designation name to go to the designation record
  2. Click Mark Active in the Tasks section in the top left

Now, when you navigate back to Web > Manage Donation Forms, you'll notice that the donation web form is live on the website.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Web > Manage Donation Forms
  2. Click the arrows next to the designation and click Approve for Website
  3. Notice that the web form is now approved but the "Live on website" field is still No and there is no green check mark

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