The following Advanced List queries all students for assessment grades that were given to them, without stating student names or assigned skill grades. The object of this list is to tell where and when all existing Assessment Grade Plan Skills were used, so that they can be located in School Year Setup.

To start, you will need to copy an Advanced List Template:
  1. Navigate to: Core > Analysis > Manage Lists
  2. Click 'Manage basic and advanced lists', under List Actions
  3. Click the 'List Templates' tab
  4. In the 'Category' dropdown select 'Grading'
  5. Click 'View/Copy' next to Current Year Academic Grade Detail
  6. On the 'Select Objects' tab, expand 'Assessment Grade'
  7. Select the following objects:
    1. Assessment Grade Plan Grade
    2. Assessment Grade Plan
    3. Assessment Grade Plan Group
User-added image
  1. On the 'Select Objects' tab (still), expand 'Grading' 
  2. Select the following objects:
    1. Grade Plan
    2. Grade Plan Group  
  3. Un-mark the 'Inner' box for Grade Plan Grade (right hand column) and all objects below it
  4. Select the Display Fields tab
  5. Check the 'Enable Grouping Options' box
  6. Click the 'x' to the left of all fields to delete them except one:
    1. Course Base.Course Title
  7. Click 'Select Fields'
  8. Click the '+' to the left of User Base to expand the object, which shows all possible columns you can pull from the object. Continue to expand nested objects until you can check the box next to:
    1. Enrollment Grade.School Year
    2. Assessment Grade Plan Grade.Grade Description
    3. Assessment Grade Plan.Grade Plan
    4. Assessment Grade Plan Group.Grade Plan Group
  9. Click 'Select'
  10. Select the Filters tab
  11. Click the 'x' to the left of the only Global Filter to remove it
  12. Enter a Name for the list, and click Save at the top right
  13. Click Preview at the bottom right to see the results
  14. Click 'Export' to save a .CSV version that can be viewed in Excel