Based on the unique configuration of a user's computer, system-generated reports or grids may download to the user's computer as a Notepad .txt file, rather than an Excel file (.xls).

You can convert the .txt file to Microsoft Excel in order to work with the report or grid in Excel:
  1. Open Microsoft Excel 
  2. Click File > Open
  3. Select "All Files" from the dropdown menu that defaults to "All Excel Files"
  4. Locate the .txt file that you just downloaded
  5. Click Open
  6. Follow the prompts on screen in the "Text Import Wizard" to convert the .txt file to an excel file
  • Step 1 of 3: Select "Delimited" and click Next
  • Step 2 of 3: Select Comma from the list of Delimiters and click Next
  • Step 3 of 3: Confirm that "General" is selected as the column data format; confirm that the data is separated by columns in the data preview window; and click Finish
  • Save the file as an applicable Excel (for example, an .xls or .csv) file type in order to save your changes