A scope is an organizational label used in the system to indicate an area of interest, focus, or responsibility. System Administrators create and manage the list of scopes. System Administrators can add scopes to portfolios, opportunities, applications, reviewer groups, reference questionnaires and administrators to better define relationships, organizational structure, and management of those items in the system. 

Opportunity administrators or users in other client-defined roles need to have scopes added to their accounts in order to gain access to the portfolios, opportunities, applications, reviewer groups, and/or reference questionnaires. System administrators can also have Communication Scopes added to their accounts for the purpose of receiving the Application Update Emails found under Site > Communications > Message Templates > Administrators.

Examples of scopes:
College of Business
Art Department
School of Nursing

Example of a scope in practice:
Portfolio: The John and Mary Smith Memorial Scholarship has been assigned to the College of Business scope, and its subsequent opportunities are all in this scope. Awards from these opportunities are granted to eligible applicants from the College of Business who earned a 3.9 GPA. 
Opportunity Administrator: OA Jane Doe has been assigned the College of Business scope, and will only have access to opportunities assigned to that scope. She will manage these opportunities, reviews, and the awarding process. She does not have access to items in other scopes.