How to add new iinformation to your data import file:
  1. Contact campus IT with your request. If you would like to add additional data to your data import, please contact your campus IT to request that the new data be included in your data import file going forward.  
  2. Create a new field to hold this new data. A new import field should be added to your General Application to hold this data. For example, if you plan to add "Transfer GPA" to your your system, you must create a new import field named "Transfer GPA" on the General Application. Learn more about Adding Imported Fields.
  3. Map the new data to your system. This step may be completed by a System Administrator. Learn more about How to Add New Import File Headings to Fields.
  4. Contact Customer Support to push this data to existing General Applications, and provide the name of the new field(s) you have added. If you have added the new information but have not contacted Customer Support to complete the process, you will not be able to view this data on existing General Applications saved or submitted to your system.