What Happens After the End Date Arrives and an Opportunity is Ended?
  • Ended Automatching opportunities will no longer automatically match newly-qualified General or Conditional Applications.
  • Ended Apply-to opportunities will no longer permit new applications to be saved or submitted.
  • On existing applications to Ended opportunities, applicants cannot make updates to their responses.
  • Changes made to the General or Conditional Application will not reflect upon Ended opportunity applications.
  • If a question from the General or Conditional Application is being used as a qualification and the question is removed prior to cycle management, the qualification will not be destroyed if the public end date (or end date for an apply-to) has passed. 
  • Newly-requested references (even those created at the General or Conditional Application level) will not be displayed on applications for an Ended opportunity.
  • Administrators signed in as Applicants (using Become User) cannot make updates to applications on Ended opportunities.  
  • Questions and data import fields newly-added to the General or Conditional Application will not be visible on Ended opportunity applications. (For example, if the import field "High School GPA" is added to your system after the deadline for an opportunity, that opportunity's applications will not display High School GPA.) 
  • Administrative questions cannot be added to the General or Conditional Application and be reflected on the Ended opportunity's applications. 
  • Supplemental questions cannot be added or edited on the Ended opportunity.

However, the following information CAN still change:
  • Imported data listed on the opportunity's applications prior to the End Date will continue to update as new data is received to the system, affecting qualification points. This can be turned off using the Import Answer Offset. 
  • Previously requested references (ie. email address typed into a Confidential Reference question prior to the End Date) can still be Submitted into the system, with the potential to fulfill qualification criteria that may be set upon them. 
    • NOTE: References CAN submit a reference AFTER the End Date of the opportunity and actually are not prevented from submitting that reference until the opportunity or General Application is archived - depending on where the reference questions is initially asked. If you have a deadline for reference submission, it should be communicated to the applicant and the reference provider.  
  • Any administrative question can be answered (which must always be answered at the opportunity level).

Can I Re-Open or Extend the End Date of an Opportunity? 
Changing the End Date to the future will cause the opportunity to move back to a Published state, which will allow previously halted functionality to begin/become available again (such as the ability to modify questions or import fields, or update qualification criteria). Re-opening the opportunity, will also cause the system to:
  • Update existing applications submitted to the opportunity with any changes that may have been made to General or Conditional Application responses since the opportunity closed.
  • Automatically Match new qualified General or Conditional Applications that may have been submitted since the opportunity closed.
  • Allow applicants to be recommended to the opportunity (if it is Apply-to) and permit them to save or submit new applications to the opportunity. 

To re-open any Ended opportunity:
  • Select Opportunity>Portfolios>Opportunity.
  • Locate the Opportunity for which you want to update the end date.
  • Click View. By default, you will land on the Details tab. Scroll to the date section, and adjust the End Dates as needed. 
  • Click Update. 


For Apply-To Opportunities, simply change the End Date to reopen the opportunity and allow applicants to be recommended to it, and apply.

For Automatch Opportunities, you can change the Internal End Date, while leaving the Public End Date the same. This will allow submitted General Applications to match up until the Internal End Date, while not allowing applicants to see that the deadlines were extended. If there is no Internal End Date set, then General or Conditional Applications will continue to match to the opportunity until an Internal End Date is added, or the opportunity is archived.