Invitation to the System:

The typical workflow for new reviewers working in the system for the first time begins with an invitation email. On the Begin Review Period date selected by administrators, the reviewer will receive an email inviting them into the system. The email contains a confirmation link that should be clicked on by the reviewer. The link takes the reviewer into the system, where they will pick their password and access the Reviewer Portal for the first time. 

The Reviewer Portal:

The Reviewer Portal offers a list of assigned tasks. By clicking on the name of any assigned opportunity, or the number of assigned reviews, the reviewer will be able to view a list of all applications assigned for review.

If at any time a reviewer would like to review system information about a particular opportunity, the reviewer can click on the Opportunity Details button to view the description, applicant deadline, number of awards, and average award amount. The reviewer can also sort the information by clicking on the down arrow on any column. The reviewer can click on the Begin button beside any unevaluated applications will take them to another screen where they can get to work.

While reviewing an individual application, reviewers can use the Review and Application tabs to toggle back and forth between reviewing and evaluating. The Application tab reveals all reviewer-visible answers on the applicant’s General Application, as well as any imported, opportunity-specific, or Conditional Application information (if present.)

Clicking on the Side-by-Side button will launch a full-screen view of both the Review and Application tab information. Reviewers may work in this full-screen view as long as needed and, when ready to return to the normal view, clicking on the Exit Full Screen button will return the reviewer back to the basic Reviewer Portal view.

Reviewers should use the information found on the Review tab to select scores for a particular set of criteria or answer questions. (The exact scoring rubrics and questions that appear are determined by the reviewer group through which the application has been assigned to the reviewer for evaluation.)  

  • If the reviewer needs to temporarily save the evaluation and return to it again later, click "Save".  A temporary score will appear beside the evaluation in the Reviewer portal only, as well as in the Administrator's "All Reviews" grid.
  • When the reviewer is completely finished with the evaluation, click "Submit". Once submitted, scores and answers displayed to administrators as part of the application's Reviewer Score inside the Administrator portal. Reviewers can continue updating submitted reviews until the End Review Period date, when their information will be frozen as-is.

If the reviewer returns to the opportunity in the Reviewer portal, they could see one of three buttons beside any application, in the order of the applications that require the most attention:

  • Begin button - to start working on a new application (not yet saved or submitted)
  • Finish button - to return to a saved review and continue working
  • Update button - to update a submitted review (prior to the End Review Period date)

Once the End Review Period Date has passed, the reviewer will only be able to "View" the applications and reviews. They will no longer be able to make any changes to scores or responses.

Once the opportunity's applications are archived as a part of cycle management, the reviewer will lose access to the reviews and applications. The listing for the opportunity will be removed from their portal.