TinyMCE split cell function incorrectly available for non-merged table cells.

The Split cell function for tables is incorrectly available for nonmerged cells in TinyMCE WYSIWYG. The feature shows as available for all table cells but does not actually function. This feature works correctly on merged cells.
This is an issue in the version of TinyMCE that Blackbaud NetCommunity currently uses. You can only split cells that have been merged previously. A future version of TinyMCE will disable the option to split a cell that has not been merged.

Steps to Duplicate

1. This exists for anything using the WYSIWYG editor. Using Email Templates as an example
2. From BBNC navigate to Email> templates.
3. Create or edit an existing template. If using a new template populate the name and from address
4. From the design tab of the email template insert a 2x2 table.
5. Highlight the table cells> click the table drop down> note split cells is available.
6. Attempting to click Split cells will cause nothing to happen.
7. To review correct functionality click the table drop down> Merge Cells> Cols 2 Rows 1.
8. Highlight the table cells> click the table drop down> Split cells> Note the cells are correctly split.


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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