If you are having issues logging into Grantmaking SKY View, please follow these suggestions:
First, if you are a brand new user to Grantmaking SKY View, we would ask that you please follow the process outlined here before proceeding.

You may also wish to know about Blackbaud ID and how this works as many Grantmaking users will be new to this - please review this Knowledgebase article to find out more.

If you receive this message upon logging in with your Blackbaud ID - Error: app_not_configured_for_user - please refer to this article for resolution.

If these suggestions do not help with your login issues, please reach out to Blackbaud Customer Support. Please provide any error messages or error screens you see when you try to log into Grantmaking SKY View along with your Blackbaud ID/e-mail address and your Grantmaking User ID so that we may troubleshoot further.