When payments are entered are entered in Back Office you may find that the payment was incorrectly entered as a new donation when the payment should have been applied directly to a pledge. Follow the steps below in order to change the application of a payment entered through the Back Office.

  1. Open the payment record that was applied incorrectly
  2. Click Edit Payment from the Tasks menu in the explorer bar
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  1. Click on the existing application and click Remove
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  1. Under the Application section, select Pledge
  2. Once Pledge is selected existing pledge commitments for the constituents will be displayed. If the payment should be applied to another constituents pledge, please see our related knowledgebase article: I need to pay for another constituents pledge
  3. Select commitment and Click Add
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  1. Click Save
The payment has now been applied to the pledge. If the designation on the payment was different than the designation on the pledge this will update the Total Revenue an Payments report for the day the payment was originally entered. If the payment was entered through a Sales Order (Online Sales, Advance Sales or Daily Sales) please see our knowledgebase article I have an sales order donation that I need to apply to an existing pledge.