To invite your users to Grantmaking SKY View, please take the following steps:

1. Launch and log into
2. At the top left, click  > when the dropdown appears, click 'Security'
3. The Permissions page loads > click  towards the top left of the screen
4. The 'Add user' window appears > enter your user's Name and Email
[NOTE: The Email should match the user's Blackbaud ID Email address if they have a Blackbaud ID, please confirm this information with your user]
5. Under 'Security', mark the 'Make admin' checkbox if you want the user to be a Site Manager
6. Next to 'Grantmaking', mark the checkbox to grant them access to SKY View > click the dropdown menu below and select the user role for your user
7. Once all of this is set, click
[NOTE: Be sure all valid fields are filled out or else the Send invite option will not be made clickable]
8. You will be returned to your user list > scroll to your user and you should see 'Invitation sent' next to their name in the 'Active' column
9. The user will receive an invitation email and can follow the steps here to log in