- During the creation process of an event registration page, when you enter the page name, the page URL is automatically generated.
- If you save the page and decide to change the page URL at a later date, the old URL is retained by the Step 2 button.
- When filling out the event registration form and proceeding to step 3 of the registration process, if you click the "Step 2" button to return to that step, you will be redirected to the sites default home page.

- This happens because the tab URL [ example - https://site/pageURL?tab=1 ] no longer exists. Therefore the site re-directs you to your default homepage.

NOTE: When on Step 3 of the event registration process, if you hover over the button labeled "Step 2" and look in the bottom left hand corner of the browser you will notice the old URL is shown for the button URL.

We are currently investigating this issue.  In the interim, when creating future event registration pages, make sure to enter the page URL you want to use for that page going forward.


a.) Change the page URL back to the original URL
b.) Create a new page and make sure to enter the URL the page will use going forward before saving it and add the event registration part to the page.