The reason why we see a sibling record to be created but not on the application in the print view is because when the family was filling out the application, for the sibling 1 field where the data should of been entered it was skipped and left blank. From here they would of gone in and added another sibling and filled out what be sibling 2 information.

to correct do the following:
  1.  navigate to enrollment management > people finder > candidates record
  2. Select the checklist tab
  3. Hit allow resubmit next to the application 
After hitting allow resubmit there are 2 choices that can be made. 
  1. Impersonate the parent and move the sibling information into the appropriate sibling section and remove it from the incorrect location and submit the application again
  2. Inform the family that they will have to make this change on the application and then submit the application again 
NOTE: If there is a fee they will not have to pay any fees again on the re-submission