Character limit for Grant Purpose field on Grant Recommendation in DonorCentral NXT does not recognize when character limit is exceeded

After setting a maximum limit on the number of characters within the Grant Purpose field, no error appears when exceeding that limit and the user can continue through with creating the recommendation.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release or patch.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into DonorCentral NXT
  2. Click on Control Panel > Recommendation form
  3. Click on the green recommendation bubble
  4. Scroll down to grant purpose and click on the settings button at the top right of the grant purpose box
  5. Click on the validation tab
  6. Set maximum character limit
  7. Enter a custom error message
  8. Click save
  9. Scroll down and click save form
  10. Click on Recommendations > New
  11. Once you get to the Grant Purpose field type in more characters than the limit. 
  12. Notice no error appears and you can continue through the form even if character limit is exceeded

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