For any system communications with deliverability set to Upon Approval, emails or banner messages that would normally be sent directly to recipients will instead be sent to the User Messages queue.

Navigating to the User Messages queue

Administrators may search through enqueued messages by:

  • Template Name
  • Communication Type
  • To Address
  • CC & BCC
  • Portfolio Name
  • Created At Date & Time

Screenshot of User Messages queue page

Distributing Messages to Recipients
Messages from the User Messages queue may be distributed (or deleted) en masse

Updating Messages Before Distributing
Regardless of template settings that may have been present when the message was enqueued, the communication will contain the template settings present at the time the message is distributed.  Meaning, you can update the Subject line, Body of the email, and Cc and Bcc fields on the communication itself (from either the System Message Templates or at the Opportunity level) before distributing it from the User Messages queue.

  • Special Note for Digest Emails: Digest emails (such as Reviewer Assignment Notifications, Beginning Opportunities, and Ending Opportunities) are an exception to this rule. As these emails are generated nightly (around 3 AM CST), each message will contain information and settings accurate at the time the message was enqueued. If administrators have several digest emails waiting for distribution, administrators may take one of the following approaches:
  • (a) Send only the most current message. Administrators may delete all pending communications for the digest email except for the current day, then distribute only the current day's digest email. Please note, the current day's email will not be entirely accurate as it will not include information from previous emails. 
  • (b) Send out all pending communications. To ensure all information is delivered to recipients accurately, administrators may instead choose to send out all pending communications at once. Please keep in mind this will cause several emails to be sent to the recipient at once, which could cause some confusion.

Special Note on Award Offer Notification Communications
Award Offer Notification emails and banner messages (set to Upon Approval) are enqueued when an application is moved to the Offered category. If an Administrator later revokes the award by moving the application to a non-encumbering category, such as Submitted or Declined, or if the application is moved to any category other than Offered (such as Accepted), any Award Offer Notifications still in the User Messages queue will automatically be deleted without any additional action by the administrator.