Fourth column does not show on Comparisons and Summaries Report

When running the comparisons and summaries report and selecting a report type of summary, the fourth column of the report may be excluded from the report preview. It does not make a difference what is selected for the reporting periods, the field to use, or what columns are selected. 
We are currently investigating this issue and will update this article when more information becomes available.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Login to Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to Reports
  3. Click demographic and statistical reports> comparisons and summaries report
  4. Click to create a new report
  5. Choose a report type of summary
  6. On the fields tab, choose field to use of constituent code and then select four different columns
  7. On the report periods tab, enter 4 or 5 reporting periods. 
  8. Run report
  9. Notice in preview, the fourth column of the report is excluded

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