Records with both "Alumni" & "Student" constituencies are missing the "Student" constituency in the Blackbaud Data Warehouse.

Users have found that when a constituent has both "Alumni" and "Student" constituencies, the "Student" constituency is not being pulled into the BBDW. This is an issue for Universities as constituents can be both an Alumni of a previous educational institution and a current student (i.e. working towards a Masters or Ph. D.). 
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to a constituent record. 
2. Select the Education tab. 
3. Add an Educational institution and mark the status as "Graduated"
4. Add another Educational institution and mark the status as "Currently attending"
5. Note that the constituent contains both the "Alumni" and "Student" constituencies. 
6. Navigate to Administration > Data Warehouse
7. Under the Refresh data task click "Start ETL refresh"
8. Once complete, navigate to Analysis > Information Library
9. Create a new ad-hoc query using the "Constituents (from the Blackbaud Data Warehouse)" source view. 
10. Query on the record from step 1 and include constituency in the results fields to display. 
11. Note that the results only displays "Alumni" and is missing the "Student" constituency. 


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