To publish an Assignment Grade:

  1. From your Faculty persona, go to Classes > select class.
  2. Click the Assignments tab.
  3. To the right of the Assignment they want to publish the grade for, click the yellow pencil/Edit icon.
  4. Scroll down to the Grade Book options, and select Publish Grade.
  5. Click Save.



Grade Access must also be set to allow users to see grades (if the teacher has checked of Publish Grade). A Grading Manager will want to navigate to:

  1. Academics > Grades > Grading Setup > Gradebook Settings
  2. Select the appropriate School Year and School Level from the drop down menus.
  3.  Next to the Marking Period in which you want to set Grade Access, click the menu (3 dots) and click Edit Marking period.
  4. Under  the right of each group (Advisor, All School Advisor, Dorm Supervisor, Parent & Student), select whether access should be set globally, or to allow teachers to set access
    • Advisor refers to that student's Advisor.
    • All School Advisor means all Advisors, not just that student's.
    • Dorm Supervisor refers to that student's supervisor - not all dorm supervisors.
    • Student refers to that student only - not all students.
    • Parent refers to Parent of that student only - not all parents.
  5. If settings globally, select either Hide, Show, or Show During Only These dates for both Cumulative Gradebook Grades and Assignment Grades
  6. Once Access is set, click Save.


If Have Teachers set Access is selected, teachers can choose to display or not display Grade Book grades to those Groups. The teacher will want to navigate to:

  1. Classes > select class.
  2. Click the Grade Book tab.
  3. Click the Display Options button at the top of the Grade Book.
  4. Scroll down to Access, and check off  under each groups (ex. Student, Advisor, etc.) whether they should see Assignment Grades and/or Cumulative grade. If the checkmarks are unavailable and just a statement shows whether they are shared or not, this means that the access has been set at the global level.
  5. Click Save & Close.

Once all Access and Publish Options are set, this will allow those Groups to view grades from the Grade Book.