It is recommended before withdrawing a student to check with teachers to make sure all gradebook and term grades have been entered for the student. Once the student is withdrawn a teacher will no longer see them listed in their gradebook. Any gradebook or term grades would need to be added by a Gradebook Manager or Grading Manager after the student has been withdrawn.

Go to:

  1. Core > People Finder 
  2. Search for and select the Student 
  3. On the Access tab, select the edit icon next to Student 
  4. Select Withdraw...

For an Individual Student who has completed the current school year and has all of their final grades recorded:

Note: When withdrawing a student who has completed the academic year with all of their final grades recorded, it is important to select an Effective Date and Depart Date after the last day of the final Academic term for the school year. You can find the Academic term dates and school year dates in (Core > Settings > School Information > Years & Terms). Make sure you select the appropriate School Level when viewing the term dates. Entering a date after the end date of the last Academic term will prevent the grades from being dropped. If you withdraw a student using an Effective Date or Depart Date that is on or before the last day of the Academic term, the student's Report Card will show classes with a (w) indicating the student was withdrawn from classes. An example of the last Academic term would be Second Semester if using semesters or 4th Quarter if using quarters. ​​
  1. Mark Effective Immediately if today's date is after the last day of the final Academic term. If today's date is on or before the last day of the final Academic term, select Effective Date/Time and enter a date and time after the last day of the final Academic term. This date will typically be on or before the School Year end date.
  2. Select the School Year
  3. Select a Depart Date. Again, this date should be after the last day of the final Academic term and typically on or before the School Year end date.
  4. Select the Role the student should receive upon withdrawing.
  5. Mark Remove Access if needed.
  6. Click Save & Exit
  7. Click Confirm
For an Individual Student who has grades you would like saved for the current term, but is not completing the school year, Navigate to:
  1. Go to Academics  
  2. Hover your mouse over Scheduling and select Requests and Schedules
  3. Click on Student Enrollment
  4. Enter the student's name in the the Find in list search box
  5. Click on the student's name
  6. Select Enrollment
  7. Click > to view the classes 
  8. Click Manage
  9. Click the + symbol for the course to be dropped
  10. Enter a date, mark the button for Drop Course (Leave Course Record
    • Note: The date must be before the end of the course or on the last day of the course

Once you have completed this for all current course, Navigate to: 

  1. Core > People Finder
  2. Select the student
  3. On the Access tab, select the edit icon next to Student 
  4. Select Withdraw
  5. Select the Effective Date/Time or Effective Immediately
  6. Select the School Year, Depart Date, and Role the student should have upon departing
  7. Mark the box to Remove Access
  8. Click Save & Exit
  9. Click Confirm & Enter Grades if available otherwise click Confirm
Note: Grade and Credit information for dropped groups/classes may be entered through Academics > Grades > Grade Management >Enter grades by student > Select Filter Options > Click View next to Grades & Credits - Dropped  > Edit > Enter Grades > Save